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Post by Kalinara on Tue May 23, 2017 4:25 pm

As you know, our old archives are here.  But it is probably inappropriate for me to expect you all to wade through that nonsense, so this page is intended to catch you up.
Our Players So Far:

Gavin Lorne: Badass wizard of the Order of Hermes.  Also ten years old.  

Ranmaru Vizzini: Akashic Brother and translator with a permanent mental houseguest.

Dr. Isaac Cooper:  Eccentric Son of Ether with few boundaries, academic or otherwise.

Dr. Kyle Martin: Doctor and Verbena Witch.  Has Wolf, will travel.

Amy Kratides: Official Voice of Sanity for the group.  Also a Euthantoi Death Cultist who's kidnapped at least one baby.  Still accurate.


Our Story so Far:

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

On July 1, 2012, a scientist and Son of Ether, Hans Ulrich, was murdered in a particularly gruesome manner.  Dr. Ulrich's old friend, the Hermetic Archmage Driana of Keter, has asked Gavin Lorne (and his tag-along mentor Mason) to investigate.  Chantry guests, Kyle Martin and Ranmaru Vizzini agreed to provide their assistance.

Meanwhile, Isaac Cooper notes similarities between the deaths of Ulrich and his own deceased mentor, Dr. Ezekiel Zimmerman, and undertakes his own independent investigation, in which he steals a coat and meets Ulrich's hot TA, Daniel Sullivan.  At the same time, Amy Kratides, who stumbled across Dr. Ulrich's book while hunting a Nephandic cult, meets Ulrich's TA, Daniel Sullivan.

Two Daniels don't make a right, however, and Isaac's Daniel is revealed to be a Technocratic spy named Steven Aberson.  He's still pretty hot.

Eventually the two groups meet and compare notes.  Isaac also brings his sister, Marie, and the presumably not evil Daniel to the Hermetic Chantry, Keter, for safe keeping.  Keter looks like Hogwarts as decorated by Liberace.  Just for reference.

During the course of their investigation, the team learns that Ulrich was a scholar of Hollow Earth, and believed he may have found an entrance in La Ceiba, Honduras.

Also during the course of this investigation, Ranmaru nearly beheads a Salvation Army Santa in a Walmart parking lot, which causes them a fair bit of legal trouble.  "Fortunately", they meet with a sinister fellow named Jacob, who cleared up their legal trouble in exchange for Ranmaru delivering letters to Driana of Keter and his own mentor, Kouga Sasori.  Ranmaru did so.

While that's going on, the rest of the team took a trip to a hospital, where Kyle almost got into a fist fight over his wolf (the other dude started it), and Amy stole a baby.

The team ultimately decides to take a trip to La Ceiba.  Kyle and Ranmaru play "Joseph and Yamato Smith" a married couple traveling with their son. (Gavin.)  While Amy is unfortunate enough to play Isaac's "totally hot wife who he totally banged with his penis."  Thankfully, an attack by mind controlled flight attendants prevents Amy from becoming a self-made widow, and the team makes it to La Ceiba, Honduras.

Amy and Gavin have weirdly cryptic dreams with their Avatars, by the way. Isaac on the other hand has mastered the weaponized rickroll.

La Ceiba, Honduras

In Honduras, the team is joined by Sharon, Mason's ex-wife and a Verbena colleague of Kyle's.  Kyle and Gavin end up meeting a local Kha'vadi practitioner, Raimunda, who reluctantly offers them advice from the spirit world.  Amy's baby, now named Alanna, has been growing at an alarming rate.  And Ranmaru gets his ass kidnapped.

Ran's captor, a monk named Qi or Xi, claims to be looking for Dr. Ulrich to beg for his help.  They are attacked by Aberson and his two clone henchmen (spoiler!), but rescued by the team, in a dubious definition of the term "rescued".

Qi reveals that his people are being threatened by a "Doctor Zimmerman" who sounds an awful lot like Isaac's dead ex-boyfriend.  A shared mental link between Isaac, Ran, and Qi seems to confirm this claim.

The team then decides to go find Ulrich's dig.  Which they do, only to be lured away by a fake Nephandi attack which masked a real Nephandi attack led by Jacob.  The team manages to capture one of the attackers  but Jacob kills himself before he can be subdued and interrogated.  Qi has also disappeared in the conflict.  And Alanna has now aged to be about three years old.  

After healing the students at the dig, the team learns that Jacob had taken some prisoners deeper into the forest for some unknown purpose.

What they do next is up to you!


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Our Story So Far Empty Re: Our Story So Far

Post by Dr. Isaac Charles Cooper on Tue May 23, 2017 6:43 pm

An incomplete list of correct nomenclature by Isaac Charles Cooper, PhD.

Intimates & Associates
Bricks = Mason
Daniel Sub One = the Daniel Sullivan that Isaac first met, now revealed to be buzzkill (but Isaac would still date him) Steven Aberson
DMV Martin = Kyle
Hottie = Ranmaru
Little Boy (previously), Boy Adventurer (currently) = Gavin
Nameless (previously), totally hot wife who he totally banged with his penis (previously), totally hot ex-wife who he totally banged with his penis (currently) = Amy
Dr. Wuggles Sub Two or Daniel Sub Two = Daniel Sullivan (real one)
Zeke = Ezekiel Zimmerman, Isaac's former advisor, former partner, current maybe-supervillain-partner-again
Zelda, Queen of the Dwarf People = Isaac
Zulu, King of the Dwarf People = Marie (Isaac's sister)

The wider world
Buzzkills = Technocrats
Calamari Fanboys = Nephandi
Harry Potter Cosplayers = Hermetics
M&M or Eminem = Michelson-Morley
Vegas Hogwarts = Keter chantry

Dr. Isaac Charles Cooper

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