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Post by Kalinara on Mon May 22, 2017 2:15 pm

So, we're trying something different in this incarnation of the game.  I've never run a forum game before, and I have many grand ideas on how this might work that might crash and burn royally.  Let's find out together!

As you know, our old archives are at yahoo groups, but I don't actually expect you to read all of that.  (Though it's fun.  You guys are very entertaining.)  I'll be posting a synopsis of what's happened so far on this board, so that you can be caught up pretty easily.

Ground Rules:

I don't really have any ground rules for you.  You guys have always been good at avoiding metagaming, respecting each other, and keeping IC and OOC separate.  Hopefully, we can keep with that.  :-)

Oh, the forum does have rules about sexually explicit material, IIRC.  That hasn't really come up at all, but let's go with a fade to black policy.  You don't really want to read my attempt at writing that kind of thing anyway.  :-)  What you do among yourselves is your business, and if you really want to share, provide a link instead of posting it here.

Finally, there's no requirement to use your character name as your login name.  You can if you want, but it might be confusing if I ever do successfully convince Lisa to start her Changeling game here as well.  :-)

Welcome back!!!


Edited to add:  If anyone needs their old character sheet, let me know.


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